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Bijou A 'Twenty' by Tim Fox
Met Art Nude Models

Bijou A makes a glamorous appearance in this series by Tim Fox.

The dark-haired Met diva Bijou will be moving into her first apartment over the holidays. The model says she recently bought new furniture and has been painting. Bijou plans once moved in to invite friends over for a barbecue so she can spend time with the people she cares about.

This series marks the first collaboration between photographer Tim Fox and Bijou. The model is noticeably more glamorized with cosmetics and costuming. This is part of Fox’s approach to erotic photography and offers a different presentation of Bijou’s charms. The youthful model is alluring as always.

Bijou first appears clad in an ultra-feminine pink bra and panty set embellished with lace and a vibrant floral print. A fushia-colored gem is set in the center of the bra worn by Bijou. Dainty white sandals adorn the model’s feet. Her ebony tresses are styled into a sophisticated up do. The setting of ‘Twenty‘ is casual and unpretentious.

One feels as if they’re joining Bijou in her new apartment as she preens and poses upon a beige leather armchair. Fox possesses excellent directorial skills in his photographic works. He has a way of encouraging the models he works with to experiment with poses that reveal some of their most private assets. The result is an erogenous experience for viewers.

The introductory picture for this collection highlights the sensual curves of Bijou’s buttocks as well as the flesh between her thighs. The model’s sweet smile softens the intense erotic energy of this cover photograph. The title of the series is imprinted in block numbers near the bottom of the image.

Fox presents a tantalizing image of Bijou sliding her panties down the contours of her slender hips in another featured photo from this series. Her face turned to the side accentuates the model’s refined nose, chin, and cheeks. The bra worn by Bijou underscores the fullness of her bosom.

Bijou releases her voluptuous breasts in the last photograph showcased. She has discarded her panties and a small patch of well-groomed darkness is visible just below her toned abdomen. This offering by Tim Fox reminds viewers of why Bijou is so often singled out for her modeling talents from the vast collection of models archived at Met Art.

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