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Carina A 'Desiderio' by Giovanni Nova
Met Art Nude Models

Carina A stirs passionate desires with her sultry appearance.

It didn’t take long for this statuesque brunette to garner the attention of adoring fans. The accomplished model possesses a distinctive facial beauty and a tall lithe frame that photographers clamor to capture. This temptress has worked with some of the leading artists in the world of fine nude art photography. Many of these galleries are archived at Met Art.

Giovanni Nova has created a modern setting dominated by clean geometric lines and a colorless backdrop. Carina’s image is boldly set against the white background. The cover image introducing this series grabs the attention immediately. Carina is pictured with her exquisite derriere positioned toward Nova’s camera. The model is bent over but maintains eye contact with the camera. Her thick mane of hair is tossed to the side.

Carina is dressed for this photo shoot in an ebony tank top and knee high stiletto boots. The boots are embellished with laces and white embroidery. Black layers of beads adorn the model’s slender neck. Carina is bottomless from the outset of the photo shoot.

The featured close up picture from ‘Desiderio‘ pictures Carina leaning against a white partition. The lace detailing of her tank top is discernible. The model’s chestnut locks are highlighted with the subtlest hint of blonde. They hang in loose waves around her stunning face. Carina possesses a beauty comparable to the leading supermodels of our culture.

Nova presents a contemplative image of Carina in the following photo. The model is seated with both of her knees pulled close to her chest. She rests her delicate chin on one of her hands as she eyes the camera thoughtfully. A maddening strip of darkness and flesh are visible between Carina’s thighs.

The full impact of Carina’s impressive figure is realised in the final highlighted image from this gallery. The model has shed her top and poses completely nude. Carina’s arms are locked behind her head. The soft lines and contour of her figure are supremely feminine. Her ivory flesh is smooth and unblemished.

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