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Metart Gisele A 'Session' by Ingret

The very first image in this series is cute. Gisele A, wearing a frilly red dress and red stockings, smiles and curtsies. As I said cute. But it is also delightfully deceptive. Because within the span of only a handful of images that cuteness has been replaced by raw physicality and vigorous carnality.

The black set and backdrop Ingret employs is a crucial component. In the very first images it provides an inky, featureless background – the scarlet-clad model really ‘pops’ in the foreground. But then the ‘rain’ begins to fall, barely visible in the air, but quickly accumulating on the obsidian floor.

Gisele A is an active, fully engaged participant here. She strikes a very wide range of poses, many of them exceedingly frank and revealing. And for those who prefer things less raw, there are beguiling headshots (#0060 and #0087) and appealing figure studies (#0049 and #0050). This is a dramatic, visceral, stylish, and forcefully erotic set, and an entirely satisfying ‘Session’.

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