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Metart Jenya D 'Darkness' by Voronin

Jenya D flaunts her awe-inspiring physique and supreme dark beauty.

Jenya D and Voronin salute Britain by sporting a pair of thong panties embellished with the country’s native flag. The model recently took a holiday to the United Kingdom and enjoyed herself so much she decided to give a nod to the Brits during her latest photo shoot. Voronin is a photographer who is always sensitive to the desires and preferences of the models he works with. Jenya and Voronin have worked together extensively and have a wonderful rapport. He was more than happy to integrate Jenya’s suggestion into the gallery “Darkness.”

The background for the majority of the images in this series consists of Jenya standing in front of a wall of huge geometrically interesting windows. The large windows frame Jenya’s entire body in several pictures included in ‘Darkness’. The natural lighting and pale blue skies compliment the innate beauty of this accomplished model. Neutral beige walls are also a part of the setting.

The cover picture introducing this gallery reveal an erotic image of Jenya D completely nude except for a pair of lacy white knee high stockings she pulls at while engaging the camera with her sultry stare. A navy-coloured ribbon is tied around the model’s graceful neck and fashioned into a bow. The background is coloured a similar shade of dark blue. Jenya cradles her voluptuous breasts in her other hand. The model’s untamed ebony hair frames her striking face.

Voronin further highlights the extreme allure of Jenya’s gorgeous face in the next close-up picture. The model’s manicured hands rest at the temples of her face. They’re buried beneath the thickness of her free-flowing hair. Jenya’s buxom chest is pressed between her elbows and draws its own attention. The model’s features are set in an expression of seriousness.

A lighter background of pale skies fills the background of the next picture. Jenya is photographed from behind so that the contours of her full round derriere are accentuated by the white and navy thong panties worn by the model. Thin straps of the underwear rest upon Jenya’s curvaceous hips. The dark-haired diva looks over her shoulder and positions one of her hands on the small of her back.

The supreme symmetry and balance of this diva’s physique is clearly presented in the last featured photo. Jenya rests her backside along the bottom edge of a window and folds both of her arms behind her head. The model’s legs are spread in a stance that brings attention to the muscularity of her toned thighs. Jenya’s chin is tucked closely to her chest so that her gaze evokes the feeling of defiance. The many facets of this young woman’s personality ensure that with each of her appearances, there is something new to see.

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