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Jolie B ‘Zaphir’ by Rylsky
Met Art Nude Models

The auburn-haired temptress Jolie B is bewitching in this dramatic gallery.

Jolie has taken the advice of poet Langston Hughes in the gallery ‘Zaphir‘. Hughes advises, “Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” Rylsky has created a setting complete with sapphire hued lighting and a downpour of water that simulates perfectly the illusion that Jolie is in the middle of a rain storm during this photo shoot. The photographer adds a touch of romanticism to this stunning series with the inclusion of scattered rose petals on the floor of the studio.

The fiery-haired model is dressed at the beginning of the shoot in an ivory v-neck sweater. The material quickly becomes inundated with water and clings to the curves and contours of Jolie’s youthful body. These photographs are tantalising. The viewer wonders what treasures are beneath the sweater’s covering. Rylsky doesn’t disappoint. Viewers don’t have to wonder for long… The photographer chronicles Jolie’s disrobing as the gallery unfolds.

The cover photograph for this series presents an image of Jolie posing on bended knees. The model’s sweater has seductively fallen off her shoulder to reveal one of her flawless breasts. White netting is part of the backdrop setting behind this sultry teen model. The texture of the netting adds interest to this tempting photograph. Jolie’s hair is imbued with water and clings to her sculpted face.

Rylsky captures the fine details of Jolie’s facial beauty in several close range photographs. The example showcased also pictures the model’s blossoming bosom with tiny streams of water sliding over each breast. Jolie’s chin is slightly raised in the direction of the camera. Her eyes are cast to the side. There’s an element of reserve present in the model’s demeanour. Jolie’s lips are opened just enough to leave one with the impression that Jolie is breathless with arousal.

The composition of the next picture focuses on the extremely fit and artistic physique of Jolie. Rylsky has cropped Jolie’s lovely face and concentrates on the model’s firm breasts, slender torso, and toned thighs. Water droplets glisten like tiny jewels upon Jolie’s flesh. Rylsky’s masterful use of shadow and light emphasise the fluid lines and curves of the model’s form.

Jolie plays a game of peek-a-boo with her sweater in the final photo reviewed from ‘Zaphir’. The model’s curvaceous derriere is clearly on display in this particular pose. Jolie’s precious face is also turned toward the camera. The teen’s wide-eyed expression underscores the youthfulness of this adorable model.

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