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The first requisite for any ballerina is a body that subscribes to the aesthetics of the dance. Ballet demands an exacting figure, and Katya P is no exception.

I loved the old photoshoots of artistic nude ballerinas didn’t you? I feel it isn’t something that appears in newer sets so adding this to the Classics section was something I had to do. I shall be adding more too.

More than any other form of dance, ballet is about balance, beauty, paradox, and complexity. There is no other activity with such stringent requirements. Ballerinas must demonstrate more than a merely pleasing physicality. They must be strong yet graceful, powerful yet delicate, fragile yet possessed of an unbreakable spirit. In short, they must embody the paramount attributes of the feminine, and as such, these gazelle-like creatures are, in the opinion of many, the finest subject a Met Art photographer can hope to find.

Katya, one of our latest discoveries, epitomizes every one of the above qualities. Her Ukrainian background indicates as much: the country in which she was trained is known for the exactitude it demands from its dancers. Katya practices the most rigorous of dances in a land famous for its precision. After this series, you’ll have a complete appreciation of the miracle of this young woman’s body. Katya’s finely-cut figure is a work of art accomplished not just in function, but it form.

Katya is rare, though: unlike many ballerinas, her young face, like her body, is soft and expressive. Her almond eyes and smooth skin complement the practical ribbon-laced pig-tails that graze her shoulders. The serious innocence of her gaze is almost child-like. Katya, though, is no child. The buttons of her firm nipples, perfectly beaded atop even more perfect breasts, are evidence of this. Her body is sleek and well-formed, a carefully-sculpted and brilliantly trained tool over which she has perfect control. Through the earliest scenes of this graceful creature, in which she stands prettily, wearing only a gauzy tutu over her slim hips, to the final shots of her stunning naked body, you’ll come to know intimately the power she wields.

Photographer Pasha has not, however, been limited by Katya’s profession. This series includes an additional treat, in the form of a few pages of images of the charming dancer relaxing in a outdoor setting. Shot first in a stunning red dress – which is cut, admittedly, very high at the thigh and very low in the chest – Katya’s sunlit poses become more and more revealing. From the scenes of her delicately cradling armloads of soft flowers, to the images of her nude figure wading through the reed-pricked water of a misty pond, you’ll be grateful for the sensual taste of Katya’s life outside the dance studio.

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