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Marketa B 'Bad Girl' by Erro
Met Art Nude Models

Lidiya A and Rita B are two youthful models who are ravishing individually just as they are together. Lidiya’s strawberry hair and fair coloring contrasts vividly against the dark hair and tanned flesh of Rita. The fairer model is clad in a red wrap while Rita appears with an ebony wrap encircling her blossoming hips. Both of the teens bare their spectacular bosoms from the opening of ‘Realis‘.

The setting for this photo shoot is an oasis of water and greenery. It creates a fantasy backdrop against which the loveliness of these two models is presented. The two fresh-faced girls are like water sprites with their cute smiles and timeless allure. A weather-beaten wooden bridge is also an integral part of the backdrop.

The playfulness of the models is effortlessly showcased by Goncharov. These girls are friends as well as a modeling duo. This chemistry translates throughout the collection. The bright smiles of the models are present in so many of the pictures. Rita’s dark good looks sometimes give her the appearance of a brooding beauty in spite of her carefree personality.

Lidiya and Rita are photographed with their petite forms perched on the railing of the bridge in the introductory photograph for ‘Realis‘. This picture’s ambiance is one of sweetness. The two girls are seated with their nude bodies shoulder to shoulder. Their precious faces are slightly tilted in the direction of each other. The obvious intimacy shared by these two is hinted at from the beginning.
The next picture presents an image of the two models standing at the waters edge as they prepare to engage in a sensual kiss. Rita’s sweetheart-shaped bottom is difficult not to notice as Lidiya wraps one of her slender arms around her backside. Summer sunlight glistens off of the pond.

The two teens are again photographed standing side by side but this time they face the camera. Lidiya flashes one of her adorable smiles as she rest her cheek on one of Rita’s smooth shoulders. The dark-haired model glances at something to her side. She is a girl who is a bit more aloof than the vivacious Lidiya. There is an intrigue about Rita that is difficult to explain … and her friend Lidiya isn’t giving up any of the raven-haired model’s secrets.

Rita crouches at Lidiya’s feet in the last photograph highlighted from Realis. The red-haired teen stands above Rita and looks down at her exposed form. Lidiya’s flawless breasts are captivating. The natural darkness between Rita’s parted thighs is prominent and draws the attention.

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