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Metart 'Lisen' by Tim Fox
Met Art Nude Models

Tim Fox offers a stylish gallery showcasing the supermodel good looks of Lisen A. Lisen has always been a city girl and wouldn’t have it any other way. She enjoys walking through crowded streets in the black dress and high heels she wears as this series opens. She savours the eyes of strangers surveying her unique beauty as she passes by them. She invites viewers to survey her as she relaxes in front of Tim Fox’s camera for this photo shoot.

A grey leather davenport is an important part of this series. Smoky faux painted walls accented with dark wooden accents are also part of the scenery Lisen is surrounded by. The blonde is gorgeous in her short sleeveless black dress flared at the skirt. The front of the dress is reminiscent of a corset with the criss cross ties that adorn the bodice. Strands of shimmering ebony stones coordinate with the model’s attire also.

The cover photo for this gallery tantalises and it is no surprise that Fox chose it to introduce this collection of 120 photographs. Lisen’s body is spread over the leather sofa. The sexy siren leans on one of her elbows and holds onto the back of the couch with her other hand. The model is magnetic and exudes sensuality without question. The expression on her face is one of surrender and welcoming. These are also the unspoken messages evoked by the positioning of her sublime physique.

The photo shoot begins with Lisa dressed for a day in the city but the model doesn’t waste much time in removing her daytime clothing. Fox is able to capture Lisen’s movements as she sheds first her dress and then her sheer black panties edged in red satin. Lisen kneels on the couch and is photographed from the back with her panties part way off of her buttocks. The pretty blonde’s ruby red lips and dark eyes are stunning and grab the attention as she turns her face in the direction of Fox’s camera.

The last photo discussed in this essay offers a full frontal view of Lisen. The model’s body is toned and slender yet she retains her ultra-femininity. Lisen retains her high heels throughout the entire photo shoot which accentuate her shapely legs.

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