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Nastya A 'Goddess' by Max Stan
Met Art Nude Models

Nastya A poses against a backdrop of waters like a siren from the sea.

Nastya loves the ocean and the beach. This sweet-faced teen model with a heavenly physique plans on escaping for a bit of solitude during her time away from school. Nastya has a rigorous schedule and so she’s looking forward to returning to the quiet and secluded locale featured in this series. The model will be enjoying the soothing sounds of water and nature while relaxing beneath the sun when she returns.

Max Stan has appropriately titled this gallery ‘Goddess‘. Nastya is nude throughout this photo shoot except for a sheer wrap encircling her tiny waist and a necklace of ivory beads. Her presence is other-worldly as she stands at the edge of vast waters like a siren rose from the sea. It’s easy to understand why Stan chose the title of this series.

The cover image introducing Nastya‘s latest appearance pictures the divine creature standing sideways. Sunlight shimmers off of the waters in the background of the photograph. Nastya eyes the camera with her brilliant azure eyes. She pulls the tresses of her flowing wavy blonde locks away from her delicate face revealing the perfection of her doll-like features. The white wrap covering Nastya‘s buttocks and legs is damp is water and clings to the model’s taut flesh.

The next showcased photo offers a stunning close-up image of Nastya. The ravishing teen faces the camera directly though her face is turned slightly to the side. Nastya flashes a brilliant smile at the viewer. Her torso is slick with perspiration and stirs a visceral attraction. The model’s thick mane of hair traces the contours of the blonde’s figure. The eye is drawn to Nastya’s flawless bosom by the presence of a string of beads that rests there. The closeness of this photograph underscores the smoothness and sun-kissed hue of her complexion.

Nastya sits along the shore of the sea in another featured picture from ‘Goddess‘. A bed of stones and rocks covers the spot where the model is perched. Her countenance is one of peace and contentment. Nastya’s precious lips glisten with pink gloss that compliments the vitality of her youthful skin.

The final image highlighted from this series presents a heart-stopping view of Nastya’s backside. The model stands with her sculpted derriere positioned in the direction of the camera. A huge mountain rises in the background of the photograph. The stance assumed by Nastya offers a glimpse of the flesh between her thighs.

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