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Metart Natalia B 'Undercover' by Rigin

A little fun in the sun makes any day brighter. In ‘Undercover’, photographer Rigin teams up with his beautiful assistant for an enthusiastic, surfside photo gallery. This Russian beauty fits right in with the seaside atmosphere, her blond hair blowing in the breeze and her bronzed skin dappled with summery sunlight. Playing coyly with a big pink inner tube, Natasha has never looked more lighthearted than she does in this sunny gallery.

Creative and dreamy, Natalia B is a natural artist. She loves to read, paint, take photographs and travel. Super sensitive and sophisticated in her tastes, Natalia is nonetheless a highly energetic and optimistic young woman, as her photos reveal. A perfectionist in every aspect of life, this pretty young woman brings utter professionalism and infectious enthusiasm to modelling.

As the assistant to photographer Rigin, Natalia has traveled to a wide range of shoots across Europe. Over the years, she has developed a keen sense of how to pick a location, choose the right lighting, and incorporate interesting props and scenery into a portrait. This know-how has served Natalia as an artist, as well as a model.

For ‘Undercover’ Natalia and Rigin hit the beach. After a long discussion about aesthetics and lighting, the pair began shooting. Since these two know each other so well, they always have a great time while working together. In fact, after being behind the camera for so many years, they get a particular thrill when Natalia works as a model.

The first feature photo illustrates Natalia’s ability to create an interesting and beautiful image using a prop. Standing on the shore, she wraps her arms and legs around a giant pink inner tube. A bright smile flashes across the model’s face as her long blonde locks blow loosely in the breeze. A string of turquoise beads around her neck, Natalia is bright and beautiful.

The second feature image is a sweet portrait of the model as she folds herself up inside the plastic inner tube, her trim body dappled with afternoon light and shadow. Nodding her head, Natalia’s long blond hair to hang loosely around her chest and shoulders, allowing a single dark nipple to glow in the golden sunlight. This model’s rippled abdomen and slender legs are on view in this well-composed portrait.

Natalia is sumptuous in the final feature photo, which shows her straddling her big pink toy. Back to the camera, Natalia turns her head to face the photographer. Her impressively smooth and curvaceous derriere takes center stage in this photo, as she gently lifts her hips to reveal the feminine flesh between her legs. The artistry of this photo is also worth mentioning. Notice how the plane of the photo is divided into three fields: sand, sea, and sky.

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