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Natasha D 'Sedutor' by Voronin
Met Art Nude Models

Natasha D returns in this feminine and scintillating series.

Natasha is nude from the outset of this series. The physique of this hauntingly beautiful model is lithe and thin. Natasha says she has always had a metabolism that has allowed her to indulge in whatever food she wishes though she prefers to eat healthy. Perhaps it’s her healthy eating habits that contribute to the healthy glow of her flawless flesh.

The model poses upon a bed covered in ivory bedding throughout this photo shoot. Pink walls and drapes add an unmistakable element of femininity to the setting of this gallery. Natasha’s girlish appeal is already feminine but the colour scheme emphasises this fact further.

Natasha is pictured sitting with her legs folded beneath her in the introductory image for “Sedutor.” A teal-colored necklace adorns the model’s graceful neck. Natasha rests her hands upon her hips. The slenderness of her torso and the perfect roundness of her breasts are mesmerising. The model’s eyes are hypnotic and beckon one to come closer. Natasha is a heavenly creature and her appearances at Met are eagerly anticipated by many.

Voronin presents next a picture of Natasha approaching the camera. Her flesh is tanned and shimmers with vitality. The model’s eyes are clear and vibrant. Natasha is a classic beauty with her refined and sculpted facial features. Her shoulder-length hair glistens with blonde highlights. Natasha’s full lips are shaded a hue of pretty pink.

Natasha is featured lying upon her side with her bottom facing the camera in another highlighted photo. The model’s nails are French manicured. A watch encircles one of her delicate wrists. Natasha is an individual who prides herself on always being punctual. Her watch is not only a fashion accessory, but it’s functional as well.

The full effect of Natasha’s physique is apparent in the final picture featured from Sedutor. The model presses her back and hands against an unadorned white wall. The bareness of the backdrop ensures that Natasha’s presence can be appreciated without any distractions. The model’s tanned flesh contrasts against the paleness of the background. Natasha’s form is curvaceous despite her slenderness.

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