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Natasha G ‘Ramas’ by Max Asolo
Met Art Nude Models

Natasha G continues to maintain her place as one of Met’s most popular and regular models. The sultry charmer is clad in a white mesh tank embellished with a sprinkling of colorful charms. The tank allows a hint of Natasha’s firm breasts to be glimpsed beneath the loosely woven material. White lacy brief-styled panties cover the amazingly sculpted derriere this model possesses. Natasha’s tiny feet are bare.

This ambiance of ‘Ramas‘ is casual sensuality. A mirrored cabinet is present in the background of most of the photographs captured by Asolo. Natasha’s hair is styled unpretentiously. The whiteness of the model’s lounge wear contrasts sharply against the deep tanned tones of her flesh.

Asolo photographs Natasha from the back in the introductory photograph for ‘Ramas’. The model’s arms are wide open and her hands are pressed against a mirror. Natasha’s head is turned to the side enabling viewers to survey the lovely facial profile of this model. Her long hair cascades down her back and lays upon her bosom also. The mirror used within this photo shoot often allows a frontal and rear view of Natasha’s form at the same time. The effect is an oxymoron. The photographer is able to double perfection.

Natasha’s legs are open and she assumes a stance that is inviting. The countenance set on Natasha’s ruby red lips and glistening cheeks is soft and teasing. Natasha’s allure is transcendent.
The next picture featured from ‘Ramas’ reveals Natasha’s playful nature. The model poses with the front of her tank pulled up to just below her breasts. Natasha stands sideways and gazes directly into the camera. A hint of a smile is visible on the model’s lips. Natasha’s toned abdomen is smooth and toned.

Asolo presents another captivating photograph of Natasha that truly highlights her dreamy feminine physique. The model stands with her back against the shelf of the mirrored cabinet. One can imagine the coolness of the glass pressing into the small of her back. Natasha’s tank top sits at the tops of the model’s breasts. She has already shed her white panties. Natasha’s head is thrown slightly back and to the side so that she appears as if she is lost in thoughts of ecstasy. The lighting creates beautiful shadows and highlights on and around the model’s exposed form.

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