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Metart Olga M 'Aethernian' by Voronin

A sensuous and unhurried exploration of the dark Ukrainian enchantress, Olga M

Raven-haired Olga M is mysterious and enchanting in this slow-moving and affecting series. Set against a gauzy, softly lit interior, Olga’s sensuous body, olive skin, and supple, youthful features stand out against the muted background. The diffuse light and cozy setting makes this series incredibly intense and intimate.

The photo shoot begins with Olga nestled into a plush, green couch. She has tied a sheer red scarf around her waist and a beaded necklace hangs from her neck. Her black hair is pulled back simply, emphasising her full, exotic features and smoky, blue eyes. Voronin begins the series with numerous breathtaking portraits of this Ukrainian beauty. As she moves, the camera catches glimpses of her most intimate parts; however, Voronin doesn’t rush this model to reveal her secrets. Instead, he gently teases out Olga’s sensuality through the course of the shoot.

In the first feature image from this series, Olga is seated on the couch, her right foot curled under her left knee, and her hands placed delicately behind her head. She stares squarely at the camera, her gaze unwavering, and her lips pursed and shiny pink. Her olive skin is flawless, and it is impossible not to admire her toned but supple stomach, and her round, tender breasts. From above her calf, a tiny patch of dark hair is visible between her legs. In this photo, Voronin’s mastery of the photographic portrait is amply displayed. Olga’s curvaceous body and olive complexion are perfectly framed by the soft folds of the couch and the billowy curtains behind her.

In the second image, Voronin photographed Olga supine on the couch, nestled between soft cushions. Her arms are thrown loosely above her head, and her right hand digs gently into her tousled hair. The camera angle, which hovers delicately above Olga’s body, creates an air of intimacy between model and photographer. For this photo, Olga has removed the red shawl from her waist, and it lies seductively between her legs, covering her most private parts, except for a small visible line of dark hair.

In the final feature image, Olga is standing before the camera, her hips swaying to the side. She has discarded her shawl and opened the drapes to the windows. In the bright, white light, her toned body is laid bare. Her small breasts are round and pert, and there is a dark, sensuous strip of hair that decorates the flesh between her thighs. Olga’s shiny lips are slightly parted, and she wears a fearless expression along with this bold posture.

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