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Paris A ‘Victory’ by Giovanni Nova
Met Art Nude Models

Paris A makes a return appearance dressed demurely in a white bra and panties.

Giovanni Nova conducts an intimate photo shoot with Paris at a lofted studio that holds some of the photographer’s favourite art pieces. The trim blonde teen fits well with the sculptures and paintings that belong to Nova. Paris herself is like a finely crafted doll created by a gifted artisan. Her body is proportioned perfectly with small pert breasts, a slender tapered waist, and sinewy arms and legs. Her long straight satiny hair frames her oval face set with wide sparkling eyes and pink rosebud lips.

The subdued lighting used throughout this collection adds to the sense of intimacy that dominates ‘Victory‘. Paris stretches her petite frame upon a supple black leather sofa in most of the photos. Her level of comfort further evokes the idea that this confident young woman wants viewers to come a bit closer… Nova uses a variety of unique camera angles during this photo shoot. He offers up several tastefully explicit views of Paris’ physique that isolate her most intimate areas.

The introductory photo for ‘Victory’ presents one such usual angle. Paris is completely nude and nestled into the corner of the leather sofa. The model’s thighs are parted to reveal the smoothness between them. Paris’ ash blonde hair streams over her shoulders and chest. The model’s exquisite bosom is still visible beneath her silky tresses. A hint of a smile is present on Paris’ glossy pink lips. Her gaze melts with its sincerity.

The model poses on bended knees in the next picture. A feminine white bra and coordinating ruffled thong panties cling to the curves of this enchantress. Paris’ prominent hips and toned torso are accentuated by the positioning of her body. The expression on the model’s face is demure and coy. Her tenderness is underscored by this particular photograph. Paris’ vivacious image glows against the shadowy backdrop of the picture.

The third image showcased from ‘Victory’ again captures the model posed in a kneeling position, but this time the front of the teen’s body faces the camera head-on. Paris’ soulful eyes are cast downward. One of her graceful hands rests just above her breast. The model’s other hand lays upon her thigh. The placement of Paris’ hands leads the eye to explore the geography of the young woman’s exposed flesh.

The contours of Paris’ buttocks and her lean legs are attention grabbing in the last picture from this series. The model is pictured standing on the ebony sofa with her hands pressed against a wall painted with a detailed mural. Paris turns her lovely face over her shoulder toward the camera. A gentle smile graces her countenance. The model’s thick dark blonde locks graze the small of her back.

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