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‘Presenting Rudy’ by Andre Le Favori
Met Art Nude Models

Rudy A has quickly commanded a top ranked position among art nude favorites with her limited appearances.
This debut photo shoot presents a no-frills gallery that emphasizes the innate allure of this fiery-haired vixen. Dressed in black to start, Rudy grabs the attention from the first still photograph of the series. She maintains her bewitching effect until the very last picture of gallery.

This gallery opens with the commanding presence of Rudy dressed in a black bra and panty set that accentuates the slenderness of this model’s taut physique. The string bikini panties and soft cupped bra are embellished with delicate ivory ribbons and black ruffles. These details add a definite sense of femininity to the erogenous image of Rudy. Ebony high heel boots with sequins and tassels add a sense of drama to the model’s appearance. A satiny black ribbon and beaded necklace cascades down the center of the model’s torso.

A solid background of simple grayness surrounds the vibrant new model. It’s an excellent choice of setting to underscore the intensity of this young woman’s beauty. The photographer uses various degrees of lighting to change the ambiance of the individual photographs within this collection. Rudy reveals many aspects of her personality during this photo shoot. The attributes of playfulness, lasciviousness, vulnerability, and an innate sweet-nature are reflected without apology or contradiction.

The cover picture for this series announces immediately that this new model is worthy of taking a closer look at. Rudy is seated upon a chair covered with smoke-colored organza fabric. The texture of the fabric is appealing and adds interest to the composition of the picture. Rudy sits with one of her knees pulled close to her chest and with one of her hands resting close to her chest. The positioning of Rudy’s legs and her arms offer a generous view of her flawless female anatomy.

Le Favori offers an up close image of Rudy’s pretty face in several pictures within this series. The model’s long layered strawberry tresses frame her bright chocolate eyes and ivory complexion. A subtle dimple graces Rudy’s adorable chin. The model’s firm bosom is also highlighted in this photograph.

Rudy is photographed standing sideways in the next photograph. She pulls her panties downward with one hand while posing with her other arm stretched above her head. The side stance of the model emphasises the contours of her supple form. Rudy’s gaze is direct and penetrating. Rudy has clearly mastered the art of using her presence to capture and maintain the attention of the camera.

The last image selected for review from Rudy’s debut offers a chance to survey the model’s backside. She turns her torso in such a way that offers a glimpse of one of her ultra-pert breasts. The model is without question sexy and titillating.

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