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Scarlett A 'Junixa' by Mark
Met Art Nude Models

Scarlett is a model that leaves no doubt of how she has attained her popularity ranking in this latest appearance. The model is provocatively dressed in a cropped ebony sweater, string bikini panties, and stiletto heels. Scarlett’s shiny blonde tresses shimmer against the darkness of her sweater. Her pale blue eyes are emphasised with smoky eyeliner. The model’s lips are accentuated with a vibrant hue of pink.

A pallet of soft ivory carpeting provides the surface upon which Scarlett to poses upon. An ornate golden occasional table is an integral part of this series. The accent piece adds interest to “Junixa.” The lighting used throughout the photo shoot boldly illuminates the unique attributes of the exceptional model.

The cover photo for this series presents an irresistible image of Scarlett clad only in a sweater. Her buxom breasts are bared. The model’s gaze is direct. Her blue eyes are penetrating. Scarlett’s countenance is seductive. Her highlighted hair frames her lovely face in long sweeping layers.
Scarlett’s sweet smile is the focal point of the next picture showcased. This photo is an example of Mark’s ability to capture the reality and vulnerability of the women he photographs. Scarlett is completely nude at this point in the photo shoot. Her exquisite breasts are again a vital part of the image. The model is completely comfortable in the arena of nude photography. Scarlett’s ease is communicated by her relaxed expression.

Mark captures an image of Scarlett posed on bended knees in the next photograph. The model is in the process of shedding her panties. Scarlett eyes the camera as she slides them over one of her slender thighs and off one of her hips. The smoothness beneath her panties is exposed. The model’s trim torso reveals her prominent bone structure. Scarlett tilts her face slightly to one side so that strands of her hair cascade over the roundness of one of her breasts.

The final photo featured from ‘Junixa‘ frames the smoothness of the intimate flesh between Scarlett’s thighs. The model’s black panties are looped around one of her ankles. A glimpse of one of one of her high heel shoes is discernible. This is a picture charged with eroticism yet Mark manages to retain a level of superb artistry.

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