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Sheila A 'Concrete' by Magoo
Met Art Nude Models

Sheila A‘s innate allure enthrals against a background of concrete
Magoo is a versatile and accomplished photographer that delivers his usual standard of expertise with this offering. The artisan routinely seeks unique locales and settings for his photo sessions.

The models brought to Met by Magoo are impressive. ‘Concrete‘ is a testament to all of these trademarks of a series presented by Magoo.

Sheila is an exotic beauty with long shiny untamed ebony tresses. The model’s physique is lithe and slender. The opening image of this youthful enchantress pictures her clad in a pristine white halter style blouse and a wrap-around skirt. Matching high heel shoes adorn her feet and accentuate the shapeliness of her long legs. Detailed ruffles embellish the model’s blouse, skirt, and shoes.
The model leans toward the camera in the next featured photo. The dark decay of her surroundings are very different from the youthful vitality conjured by this bewitching beauty. Sheila’s sienna eyes are lined with smoky liner and framed by sweeping brows. A distinctive cleft is centered upon her delicate chin. The model’s lips are stained with a pale hue of blush.

Sheila is photographed seated upon a white piece of material with her bent legs generously parted in another photograph that steals ones breath away. She is completely nude at this point in the photo shoot. An expression of heavy emotion is set upon her face. The wind sweeps her hair away from her face. The smoothness of the model’s flesh is impossible not to take note of.

Magoo isn’t remiss in giving viewers the opportunity to survey this talented model’s toned bottom. The final photo from this series pictures Sheila with her backside facing the camera. The model’s breasts, abdomen, and the side of her face are pressed against the coolness of a concrete wall. Sunlight settles on the roundness of Sheila’s buttocks. The model’s thick mane of black hair trails down her back and ends just above tan lines faint tan lines that remain from a thong bikini.

There’s a sense of vulnerability evoked by this photograph. Sheila’s facial expression is soft and less intense than in many of the pictures from this gallery.

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