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Silvia & Eva F ‘Tenderness’ by Skokov
Met Art Nude Models

This expansive series is a testament to the high caliber of fine nude art photography found within the pages of Met Art. Skokov photographs two teen models in a variety of settings that truly explore the theme of tenderness between two young women. The two girls are both dressed in black loosely knit blouses as the photo shoot begins. The setting is dominated by hues of gold, luxurious fabrics, and natural hardwood flooring. The room in which the two models explore the geography of one another’s bodies is opulent. It is a fitting background against which to showcase their loveliness.

The introductory picture from “Tenderness” is enthralling. Eva F kneels in front of Silvia B‘s nude flesh. She cups the auburn-haired teen’s firm breasts and an expression of ecstasy is insinuated by her closed eyes and open mouth. Shimmering jewels adorn Eva’s ears and her fingers. Silvia is perched on her knees upon a chair and looks down on Eva with her angelic face.

Skokov includes several photographs of these sweet-faced models engaged in kisses throughout the gallery. The next highlighted photograph reveals one such example. Silvia laces one of her hands at the back of Eva’s head. Her delicate fingers are buried in the soft silkiness of Eva’s hair. Silvia is again seated in a velvety gold upholstered chair.

The photographer incorporates some intriguing photographic effects into this series. The next picture is an example of one of these interesting artistic attempts that is highly successful in its presentation. Eva is seated in a chair with one of her legs bent and pulled close to her chest. Silvia stands a distance from Eva with her backside positioned directly in front of the camera and in front of where Eva is seated. Silvia’s legs are spread enough to reveal the image of Eva in the distance. This photograph’s composition is brilliant in its creativity as well as offering viewers a look at Silvia’s exquisitely formed derriere. Gold drapes cascade at the upper sides of the photo while solid white sheers fill the background behind the two models. The drapery creates the illusion of a stage upon which the beauty of these girls is displayed.

Pure white light is the backdrop for the final photograph selected from ‘Tenderness’. Eva’s enchanting face and Silvia’s full breast are the focal points of this last picture. Eva is pictured with her full scarlet lips placed upon Silvia’s soft breast. Silvia’s hands gently rest on the sides of Eva’s neck. Eva’s complexion glistens with youthfulness and vitality.

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