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Metart Sylvia 'Tonique' by Skokov
Met Art Nude Models

In ‘Tonique‘ by Skokov Silvia B captures our attention instantly as the seemingly innocent Sylvia poses simply and confidently for the camera. She exhibits the natural beauty that fits perfectly with the lush, rural backdrop used for the photos, and allows her free spirit to be evident.

Standing amidst wild flowers and high grass, Sylvia’s fire-engine red camisole and shredded skirt provide a delicious contrast to her prairie setting. Her look is challenging and direct, yet there is something very tender and sweet about this vivacious and youthful model. Her jewelry is chunky and modern, and further adds to her petite and delicate presence. We get a glimpse of the curvaceous swell of her bottom through the slitted skirt, as our anticipation is heightened as to what tantalising aspects of Sylvia’s essence will be exposed next.

The cover picture from “Tonique” offers an intimate image of Sylvia perched on spread knees in the overgrown grass. Her beautifully sculpted face is turned to one side, giving us a view of her delicate profile. Her camisole is gathered at an angle, allowing her generous breasts freedom from constraint. Her expression is peaceful and serene, as she tugs at the skirt flowing between her legs, as if to let the gentle breeze caress her there as well.

Another photo selected from the series gives us a perfect view of the models backside. Her posture is impeccable and sensual, as she sweeps her hair up and away from her face to allow us an unencumbered view of her divine facial features. The beauty marks that adorn her back sweetly beg to be kissed. The braided material of the skirt brushes her cheeks, and the effect is breathtaking.

The last photo in the series features Sylvia with her hand pressed against the branch of a tree, her arm encircling the rough wood. Her other hand wanders up to her short, soft hair to sweep it once again away from her face. Though still donned in the red, braided skirt, it is slit in a way that exposes a sensual shot of the smooth area underneath it. Her almond shaped eyes are peering directly at the camera, and the effect is raw and powerful.

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