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Presenting Vera E by Natasha Schon
Met Art Nude Models

Vera E‘s modelling debut is comparable to passionate poetry written between lovers.

Natasha Schon possesses an artistic style reminiscent of soft whispers and gentle caresses. This photographer uses subtlety and simplicity in a way that is powerful and hypnotic. The hallmarks of Schon’s unique approach to fine nude art photography are intact in this latest offering featuring the startling beauty of Vera.

Vera is an intuitive and deeply mystical being. She is interested in all things spiritual. There’s an other-worldly presence about this youthful model that translates even through the medium of still photography. The blonde-haired teen has soulful expressive chocolate eyes framed by sweeping dark brows. Her plump lips are tinged with a raspberry shade of colour.

Schon chose to meet with Vera at the teen’s apartment to ensure that she would feel relaxed and comfortable during her foray into the realm of fine nude art modelling. Vera is at home in a white off-the-shoulder peasant blouse and sheer pink panties. A jewelled necklace adds a bit of drama to Vera’s casual and scanty attire. Vera found out quickly that the experience of modelling in the nude was liberating and enjoyable. Schon found the teen model fascinating to work with and presents over 180 pictures within this collection.

The introductory photograph announcing Vera’s debut presents a tastefully explicit image of the new model. The blonde temptress is seated in a white chair with her long hair winding over her exposed bosom. Vera’s tender femininity is pronounced by the ever-so-slight parting of her thighs. The model engages the camera lens with her intense gaze and classic beauty.

Vera’s lovely face is the focal point of the next showcased picture. The model is photographed at close range with a countenance of peace and contentment fixed upon her face. There is a pensive quality inherent in Vera’s presence. Spending time with this nineteen-year-old leaves one feeling as if the teen has one foot grounded on Earth and the other planted in some other dimension. The model wears essential oils like lavender and patchouli.

The bewitching teen poses near a light-filled window with her blouse lowered beneath her breasts. Vera retains her pink panties at this point in the photo shoot. The model pushes her untamed hair off her shoulder with one of her hands. The natural lighting compliments Vera’s flawless youthful complexion and sublime attractiveness.

The faint image of a sculpture can be discerned in the shadowy background of the last photograph reviewed from this series. The backside of Vera’s physique is comparable to a myriad of finely crafted sculptures of female goddesses reflected in so many works of art. Her blonde hair shimmers like strands of golden silk cascading over her back. Darkness outlines the curves and contours of Vera’s shapely form.

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