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Vika AC 'Kallista' by Pasha
Met Art Nude Models

Visit this highlight from our archive of scores of series and hundreds of remarkable photos of beautiful young girls, in this case, the lovely Vika AC.

The name Kallista comes from Greek origins and some sources give the meaning of the name as Goddess of Inner Beauty. Another source indicates “most beautiful” as an alternate definition. These interpretations definitely correlate with this model’s exotic beauty featured throughout this expansive photo series by Pasha.

Kallista first appears in the series in a flowing white slip dress amidst a lush garden. It is easy to imagine her as a Goddess with long dark hair glowing in the sunlight. Her steely gaze emanates power and sensuality.

The images of Kallista are reminiscent of the Greek Goddess Persephone. Throughout the series she is seen holding a luscious apple and a delicate wildflower. Persephone was an eternal reminder of the growth and hope that Spring brings. These first photos of Kallista are evocative of these ideals.

There are several photos of Kallista taken and arranged by Pasha that present her as a glowing entity. There is an unearthly appearance to the pictures that highlight Kallista’s perfectly formed physique. Her skin is toned and flawless. Her full lips, mesmerizing eyes, and flowing hair leave the viewer of these photos spellbound. Kallista’s long and graceful neck and extremities make her a graceful and statuesque picture of divine feminine beauty.

Many of the photos contain a composition of naturalistic backgrounds. Kallista poses against the backdrop of trees, fallen timbers, greenery, and wildfires. These uncultivated props heighten her natural beauty. A wide range of Kallista’s emotions are captured throughout these photos. She is at times playful, innocent, seductive, and contemplative. The ability to convey this broad spectrum of affect through film is a true hallmark of this model’s talent. The adeptness of Pasha to capture them shows that he is a master of his craft.

The series of photos that integrate a burning fire as a backdrop are particularly powerful. Again, I am reminded of Persephone and her role as co-ruler of the Underworld. The Goddess, according to Greek mythology, was also known as the Goddess of the Soul. She was possessor of all of its dark and mysterious wisdom. The smoke-filled skies add an element of darkness that contrast starkly against the vivid images of Kallista. It is an interesting juxtaposition. Kallista uses her pristine linen wraparound as a prop that adds movement to the photos. The flowing material catches in the winds and she looks as if she could take flight at any moment.

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